3 Methods of Order Fulfillment That Can Help Your Business

Free and quick shipping are two of the most common factors that drive consumers to shop online. These days, customers appreciate clear-cut shipping policies as much as they enjoy quality products. From manual processing to employing order fulfillment services, find out the various methods businesses use to give better shipping services to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers.


Handling Orders DIY

Most businesses usually start off handling the ordering process on their own. The prime advantage of this is that you not only score a more substantial profit, but you also get full control of the sorting, packing, and shipping of your inventory. You can ensure the quality of your products and take care of any shipping issues yourself, so the customers feel personally attended to, promoting better service. You also have the liberty to personalize with thank-you notes or other personal touches that shows how your brand is willing to go the extra mile for quality products.

Outsourcing Orders To A Third-Party

Outsourcing has become a widespread practice among businesses, especially online businesses. It’s a cheaper and more convenient method to get certain areas of the job done. You can quickly look up decent and respected third-party order fulfillment services which can store your products for shipping. The advantage of using this shipping method is that you can save on storage expenses like renting warehouses and securing insurance for your goods.



A unique order fulfillment method that’s slowly becoming popular is dropshipping. It’s different from other methods because the seller or retailer does not personally handle the inventory; instead, they sell by promoting the product to the customer. This way is advantageous for both manufacturer and retailer because the former doesn’t need to market their product; the latter doesn’t need to get a warehouse to keep stocks. The vendor profits from the difference between their selling price and their purchasing price.

Private Label Dropshipping

Some companies have the option of letting you add your label with the address of your company on the product. This dropshipping allows customers to associate the item with your brand. It gives the impression that the product came right from your company.


The main goals of using services for order fulfillment are to give your company more time to focus on developing your brand, as well as marketing and improving customer service. It also allows your company to save on warehouse expenses and even manufacturing costs in some