About The Coalition For American Veterans

Based in Virginia, the Coalition for American Veterans is a Super PAC that is entirely focused on American veterans. Our goal is to ensure that all elected officials support the interests of America’s veterans and provide them with the protections and benefits that they earned and deserve. We support candidates that stand up for veterans, and with the help of our grassroots troops, we mobilize against candidates that don’t show support for veterans.

Our Goals

Our coalition has several goals. Our first goal is to build a strong support base that we can mobilize. We need to put pressure on elected officials to fight for veterans, which is why we are always working to grow our base of grassroots support.

Second, we want to ensure that candidates that show strong support for veterans get elected. We must rally behind strong candidates that show support for veterans.

Third, we want more veterans running for public office. We trust veterans to represent the interests of all veterans at the national level. We support veterans that are willing to run for public office and fight for veteran’s rights in DC.

We Care About Veterans

Many elected officials only pay lip service support to our veterans. Our goal is to change that. Our country depends on the service of veterans. We want to thank veterans for their service by ensuring that they receive the support that we need. It’s essential to make sure the officials in power are willing to fight for veteran’s rights and benefits. When people in power care about veterans, veterans will get what they need.

We work hard to support veterans. With our strong grassroots base of support, we can work even harder to ensure that more candidates consider the voices of veterans when running for office and representing their constituents.