How Eaton 9130 Can Help You In Running Network Applications

If you’re operating networking systems, protecting them is crucial because power surges can occur at any time. That being said, Eaton 9130 is the right UPS system that you need as it carries online power quality. Also, it has expandable battery runtimes for rack servers, voice and data grids, storage units, and other IT equipment. It extends battery service life. Take note that it has a bright LCD user interface for simple monitoring.


Why You Need Uninterruptible Power Supply Device

Computers are delicate, and sudden power failure can shut your computer down improperly. When this happens, the spinning component inside the computer’s hard drive can get damaged. If there’s imperfection, your computer may stop recognizing your hard drive. In most cases, the hard drive stops spinning.

It is an inconsiderable circumstance if the data can no longer be recovered.  If your system doesn’t receive the right amount of power, the following will happen:

  • High voltage leads to overheating. damaging your valuable electronic equipment
  • Low voltage inhibits your computer to function at its prime levels

Good to know: If your computer is not working correctly, you are wasting your time energy and money.

To ensure that all the pieces of equipment that you use for data networks are protected, they should be connected to high-quality UPS systems. Doing this guarantees that your units don’t receive “unclean power.”


Devices that Require UPS Units

  • Personal computers
  • Workstations
  • File Servers
  • Peripherals
  • Audio and Video Units
  • And, other electronics used in homes and offices


Features of Network or Server UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS designed for critical applications and data center provide the following features:

  • Decreases energy utilization and costs because it has >95% efficiency rating in high-efficiency mode
  • The unit is comprised of internal batteries and a 4-post rail kit
  • Provides voltage control for proper operation of electrical equipment
  • Battery modules are available for extending equipment runtimes



With high-quality UPS — Eaton 9130 you can avoid unexpected downtimes, and your organization’s productivity will not be disrupted. Consult a licensed technician for determining the capacity requirements for your business. This will ensure your safety.