5 Reasons Fireplace Grates Are A Must-Have

A fireplace aptly installed in the home does more than provide ambience— it heats your property during those cold winter months. All homeowners take a different approach to assembling their fireplaces, but many agree that fireplace grates are a must!



Some of the reasons for owning grates include the following:

1. Better Burning Efficiency

Fire needs air to burn faster and hotter, which is why a grate improves wood burning efficiency in your fireplace. As it lifts the wood off the ground, it allows the air to circulate underneath.


2. A Longer Fireplace Lifespan

Burning wood directly on the concrete or stone portion of your fireplace will diminish its lifespan. By choosing to install grates underneath your wood, you will prolong the lifespan of your fireplace flooring as the heat transfer is minimized.


3. Even Wood Placement

Some fireplaces are difficult and time-consuming to operate as they require you to constantly poke and move the wood around. Fortunately, fireplace grates take care of this age old problem. The cage cradles the firewood and as the wood burns, the remaining logs roll inward. This allows you to add additional logs with minimal effort.


4. Easier To Light Fire

A fireplace will never produce heat or function without a solidly built fire. A grate allows for better airflow beneath logs, which makes it easier to light a fire.


5. Less Smoke To Breath In

Everyone knows that breathing in smoke is dangerous, but it’s oftentimes inevitable. A grate for your fireplace helps drafting as your wood and fire are closer to the chimney vent. This allows the foul smoke to rise upwards and out of your home versus into your living space.

Grates for your fireplace are generally made from coated steel or cast iron and will make setting a fire and tending to it easier. Your fireplace will function better and last longer with the aid of your new grate!