Common Hazardous Mistakes Made by Learner Drivers

Most learner drivers struggle on their first time behind the wheel. After theoretical lessons of the dos and don ts on the road, one is most likely to be stricken by anxiety when they go behind the wheel for the first time. Below is a few common mistakes made by young drivers in driving lessons Jacksonville fl.


  1. Not Paying Attention to The Road

The greatest mistake made by most new drivers is they pay little or no attention to the path while they focus on the controls. This doesn’t help because even if the car is being controlled well, not focusing on the road is a significant hazard. This usually forces the instructor to assist and intervene before an accident occurs and in turn, fails the pupil.


  1. Use of Mobile Devices While Driving

Most young drivers often get distracted and begin to use their mobile devices while driving. This is very dangerous as it shifts drivers attention from the car and the road to the mobile and the conversation. A lot of road accidents can occur if this mistake is not rectified.


  1. Not Listening to Instructions

Male learner drivers tend to e more stubborn and do not heed the instructor’s directions. Contrast to female drivers, who are usually anxious, but they ask more questions and listen to instructions. Male drivers typically have a lot of confidence and in turn, believe they know more than the instructors. This causes most men to take longer to pass the test than women.


  1. Not Paying for Adequate Lessons

Most young drivers make the mistake of refusing to pay for the right amount of lessons. This, in turn, leads them to take the driving test without adequate teaching, and they fail the test. Having the right amount of lessons is essential for practice and boosting one’s confidence before they do the test.


  1. Not Doing the Test

Some new drivers continue driving on the provisional license and do not proceed to do the test. This is very dangerous, and one is always supposed to do the test and become a licensed driver.


Most young drivers often make life very difficult for themselves by not listening to the instructors or paying attention to the very hazardous road.